Play 2B Fit Event

December 14, 2017

Come See Us at the Play 2B Fit Event!

Join The Iowa Children’s Museum for a fun family day of fitness activities and drills, nutritional active learning experiences, participatory stage programs, and lots of play! Featuring community groups and businesses dedicated to Healthy Kids! The Play 2B Fit healthy kids fair is a winter event you can’t miss!

  • FREE Admission for all children and adults to the Play 2B Fit healthy kids fair
  • The opportunity for kids to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle by visiting each exhibitor booth which will offer diverse active learning experiences, drills, games and family-friendly information
  • The opportunity for parents to sign up kids or adults for programs, classes, leagues, etc., find new organizations, teams or groups to join and of course let the kids burn some energy off in the winter months while learning about their health!
  • Groups invited to host a booth are gyms, club teams, leagues, nutritionists, dentists, health markets, physical therapists, dance studios, gymnastic studios, marital arts, yoga and Pilates, fencing, university teams, etc.
  • Stage with performances and demonstrations from various health related groups throughout the day
  • Free take home gift for first 500 attendees