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It is critical to protect your employees from COVID-19 and from each other.  As you continue to work on keeping employees and work environments safe so your facility can continue to provide the products and services essential to our communities and country right now, it’s important you aware of some updates in regards to temperature scanning employees.  On March 17th, 2020, the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued an update that now expressly acknowledges that employers may implement temperature screening measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The EEOC note “because the CDC and state/local authorities have acknowledged community spread of COVID-19 and attendant precautions, employers may measure employee’s body temperature.”


This helps clarify that temperature screenings are permissible under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to understand an employee’s temperature is personal medical information.  Having a 3rd party perform the screenings perform these screens helps reduce potential privacy, discrimination, workplace safety and employee relation concerns. At the beginning of each shift, our professionals perform temperature screens and COVID-19 screening questions (if desired).  If a temperature exceeds guidelines set by the CDC, or the questionnaire is not passed, they will follow your organizations isolation instructions.

We are all working to flatten the curve and keep our communities and work places safe.  COVID-19 can quickly spread through your facility.  Working together to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus in our work places is critical.

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Contact Adam Calonder | acalonder@praiowa.com

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The Leading Workplace Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Management Provider in Eastern Iowa

Increase workplace safety by implementing our Ergonomics and Injury Prevention methodologies. Early intervention and triage are at the heart of keeping your employees safe and decreasing workers compensation claims. We implement measures on the job site such as stretching protocols and proper workstation set-up that result in a much more safe and productive environment proven to reduce work injuries.

Ergonomics & Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Saves Time & Money

The cost associated with work related injuries can be a huge hit to the bottom line and hurt your greatest asset – your people.

Finding a comprehensive ergonomic solution can be complex and frustrating. There is a simpler way. Progressive Rehabilitation Associates is the leading workplace ergonomics and injury prevention management provider in eastern Iowa.

Employer & Industry Specific Injury Prevention Programs

We will build an injury prevention program specific to an employer’s needs that is simple, economical, and effective. Progressive Rehabilitation Associates will help companies hire the right employees, avoid injuries, and get injured employees back to work quickly and effectively.

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Simple, Economical & Effective

Progressive Rehab is the leading workplace ergonomics and injury prevention management provider in eastern Iowa. We will build an injury prevention program specific to an employer’s needs that is simple, economical, and effective.

Progressive Rehab helps companies hire the right employees, avoid injuries, and get injured employees back to work quickly and effectively.

Construction Ergonomics and Injury Prevention
Pre Work Screens

Pre Work Screens

We’re here to customize a simple, compliant, and cost effective pre-employment screen programs that can deliver substantial savings.

Implementing your pre-employment screen process can be simple to do and provide exceptional return on investment. However, it can be a challenge, causing a conflict between recruiting and safety. We help you navigate these challenges by understanding your business needs and design a specific cost-effective program that meets regulatory requirements.

Each job comes with its own set of physical requirements. Progressive Rehab’s specialists come on-site to your work environment to complete an analysis of your job demands, measuring and validating your jobs essential physical requirements. This essential function profile is the basis of your pre work employment screen, but also the foundation of your ergonomic program. It provides valuable information to ensure your job descriptions are accurate and will assist with limited duty and return to work processes. We won’t use generic job descriptions and your attorneys won’t want us to either.

We develop a pre-employment screen protocol based on the jobs essential job tasks. We test the strength and cardiovascular challenge of job specific tasks as well as confirm if the task can be performed in a safe manner. There should never be a question in a job applicants mind how any component of the screen relates to a job function.

We work with you throughout the process, helping you with things such as hiring practices, HR policies, and recruiting communications. Pre-employment screens can be performed on site at your facility or centrally at one of our clinics.

We help you hire the right employees. This is especially important if you are in an industry or area where competing employers screen job applicants and you don’t. You could be getting the individuals they reject, increasing your injury risk.

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Our Customers

Our customers and their satisfaction is our top priority. It does not matter what industry you are in or if your company is big or small. We provide injury solutions at work that work by designing programs to meet your needs. While our solutions may vary, our approach does not. Progressive Rehab’s ergonomics team works with over 50 employers. Below is a representative group we are honored to work with.


Progressive Rehab and Rockwell Collins have partnered together in injury prevention since the late 1990s. Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in design, production and support of innovative solutions for its customers in aerospace and defense. Working together its global team of nearly 20,000 employees shares a vision to create the most trusted source of communication and aviation electronics solutions.



Progressive Rehab and DB Schenker have partnered together in injury prevention since 2006. DB Schenker has taken our program and modeled it as a best practice that has been introduced to facilities around the country. DB Schenker stands for performance, service and safety regardless of the complexity or extent of logistics tasks and requirements. DB Schenker offers complex global transportation and logistics services through their Rail and Logistics Business Units. They develop logistics solutions from a single source and customize them according to your specific needs.



Progressive Rehab and Kinze have partnered together in injury prevention since 2012. Kinze is a leading manufacturer of row crop planters and giant grain auger carts and one of North America’s largest independently owned farm equipment companies.



Progressive Rehab and T&K have partnered together in injury prevention since 2013. T&K Roofing and Sheet Metal Company is truly one of the few full service roofing and sheet metal companies servicing Iowa, Western Illinois, southern Minnesota and Northern Missouri. T&K offers roofing and sheet metal services ranging from new construction to re-roofing renovation and repair.



Progressive Rehab and P&G have partnered together in injury prevention since 2008. P&G Oral Health and Oral Care are a manufacturer of products ranging from personal care to tooth brushes. Sustainability means making every day better for people and the planet through how they innovate and how they act.



Progressive Rehab and Civco have partnered together in injury prevention since 2012. Civco Medical Solutions is committed to positively impacting patient care by constantly innovating life enhancing medical solutions by designing, manufacturing and marketing products in multi-modality imaging and radiation oncology.